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From equipment damage to a claim from a customer, restaurants have a dire for insurance to protect their business.

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There are a host of dangers that face those who are restaurant owners. Not dangers like falling rocks or earthquakes. As a business owner, there are dangers similar to those faced by a homeowner, and they are why business and restaurant owners have insurance in order to protect both themselves and their businesses against claims that could cost them an arm and a leg. 

Some of the dangers that face those who own restaurants are claims that could be made by customers. Others could be made by their own employees or contractors that work for them. Other dangers that face a business owner in this industry are damaged property, whether to the building or to essential appliances in the kitchen 

Dangers Facing Business Owners in the Restaurant Industry: 

Property Damage 

Restaurants host patrons in all different kinds of buildings. Regardless of where they are located, there are many things that could occur at a building that would prevent a restaurant from being able to operate as it should. Whether from the outside, like something with the weather, or something from the inside of the building, like mold or water damage, it’s important for a business owner to have insurance to cover both the damage that could occur to property and the income that would be lost if a restaurant were forced to close its doors for a time for repairs. 

Equipment Damage

Just like building or structure damages could occur, there could also be something happen to essential appliances or equipment, whether in the kitchen or somewhere else in a restaurant. Having all of these items insured protects a business from taking a big loss due to broken equipment.  

Claims by Customers 

One of the things that hurts a restaurant is an insurance claim by a former customer. They may have been served food they were allergic to or had hot coffee spilled on them and been burned. General liability insurance is what restaurant owners get to protect them from losses sustained by claims from a patron. 

There are many other dangers facing a restaurateur, those listed here are just the tip of the iceberg. Quality insurance helps protect a business owner against taking heavy losses as the result of property damage, broken equipment, or claims made against them by patrons.

Protect your restaurant and get insurance today!

We can customize a Restaurant’s insurance policy that’s written specifically for your business. We are just a telephone call away in the event that you have an inquiry or any need. Here are some of the quality coverage options offered by Baldwin Insurance Agency: 

  • General Liability
  • Umbrella or excess liability
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Commercial Property
  • Business Auto Insurance Coverage
  • Inland marine
  • Data Breach Insurance Coverage and much more.

The price of your business insurance would depend on the amount of business you generate annually. Baldwin Insurance Agency would like to and wants to help answer any business insurance questions you have. Don’t waste your time looking for other options, call or email us now. We have a proven reputation for excellent customer service and reliable insurance carriers.

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