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Painting insurance is not for just art-works, but also for interior and exterior paintings of buildings.

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What is Painting Contractor Insurance?

While it is essential to get art insurance for the works in your collection, it’s likewise important to take as many steps as you can to protect and secure these works from a lot of dangers, some of which you might not know about and it’s imperative to find an insurer that comprehends that the benefit of painting is of high value. Painting insurance is not for just art-works, but also for interior and exterior paintings of buildings. Painting businesses require insurance for mainly two reasons which are to meet contractual and lawful necessities and to cover financial dangers. A large number of businesses could profit from painting insurance, for example, painting contractors, construction companies, artists, Builders, Remodelers, Renovators, housing and general Contractors, in order to secure your painting business from falls, paint spills, or different setbacks that could bring about injuries or expensive property damage as without painting insurance, just even one of these issues may turn out to be hard to overcome. 

Avoid stress by ensuring you have the correct types of business insurance coverage options for your business.

Protect your painting business and get insurance today!

We can customize a Painting Contractor’s insurance policy that’s written specifically for your business. We are just a telephone call away in the event that you have an inquiry or any need. Here are some of the quality coverage options offered by Baldwin Insurance Agency to contractors: 

  • General Liability
  • Umbrella or excess liability
  • Workers compensation insurance
  • Commercial Property
  • Business Auto Insurance Coverage
  • Inland marine
  • Data Breach Insurance Coverage and much more

The particular price of your painting insurance would depend on the type of your business. However, Baldwin Insurance Agency would be glad and wants to help answer any inquiry you might have. Do not waste your time looking for other options, call or email now, we have the best insurance service you could ever imagine.

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