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Life insurance has become a normal part of adulthood, with over 54% of people having some form of coverage.  But typically, younger adults delay their adoption of a life policy--because they view life insurance as something necessary later in life.  All the stats reflect this: a much higher percentage of older people have life insurance compared to their younger counterparts.  This seems to make sense.  Why would younger adults need life insurance when they are healthy and they’ve got their whole lives before them?  Why not wait until their 40s, 50s, even 60s to review a policy?  

Maybe it goes against conventional wisdom--but there's plenty of reason why getting life insurance young is a wiser decision!

 The Obvious Reason 

It goes without saying that our future is not guaranteed.  One moment, we are alive and well--and the next, we could be faced with a tragic accident or terminal illness.  Those who put off getting life insurance until they’re older might never reach that hopeful age.  Sadly, their intent to protect their loves ones in the face of tragedy is never actualized.  To avoid this unfortunate scenario, it is well advised to adopt a policy as soon as possible.  It's better to pay early than to have loved ones miss out on a death benefit-- which would give them time to grieve without financial burdens and pave the way towards a brighter future.

 The Irony of Cost 

We hear a lot of younger people say something like, "I can't afford it now.  I'll get it when I’m older."  But the average person thinks life insurance costs 4x more than it actually does! Contrary to most people’s perception, you can get a $500K benefit for under $20/month.  And while it might make sense to assume that paying now will lead to a higher amount of total payments, that's normally not the case.  If you wait until later in life, your health is likely going to be worse--and your premiums will be higher.  So you could easily end up paying way more for insurance at 50, than if you had gotten a policy at 25.  This would mean you would have gotten 25 years of coverage AND paid less money overall.  Getting insurance while you are young and healthy makes more financial sense.

 Contact Us For A Life Insurance Quote 

We have been helping families in Kearney, Missouri and the surrounding areas get life insurance since we first started as an agency.  It has been a joy to work with our community and ensure loved ones are protected in difficult circumstances.  If you'd like to get a life insurance quote please give us a call, fill out the form on our website, or stop in at our office.  We look forward to finding you a policy that meets your needs.